Kristy LaPorte
Graphic Designer
graphics + ux + ui + code
Ottawa, Canada


Various print and web advertisements for the Ottawa Jazz Festival (photographic)

In late spring, the look and feel for 2017's festival marketing was changed to make use of photo illustration assets commissioned from Vancouver-based photographic illustrator Emily Cooper. This new look featured young Canadian people and animals marching into the future.

Various print and web advertisements for the Ottawa Jazz Festival (bright)

The first several advertisements in early 2017 had a very graphic, neon theme. My work with this was based on the look and feel by creative director Julie Anne Madore.

Signage and badge sets for Ottawa Jazz Festival's Swing Into Spring event

I designed signs and name badges for Ottawa Jazz Festival's annual fundraiser auction, based on a look and feel by creative director Julie-Anne Madore:

Email newsletter for Ottawa Children's Festival de la jeunesse

I designed and coded an HTML email newsletter for the Ottawa Children's Festival

Hand Lettering: “Good design is obvious, great design is transparent.”

Hand lettering converted into a vector illustration.

Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat website for Pixelera

I created a new website for The Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat.

Logo & Novel Cover: Blood of Midnight

A freelance client project to design a logo and novel cover for author Ethan Kincaid using provided illustration and copy.

Illustration: Flowers

A gift illustration.

Tap Project poster illustration and layout

A class assignment to create a transit system poster illustration and layout for Tap Project.

Logo: Rx Health Coach

A logo created for a health coaching service.

Logo: Queen Mab

A logo created for a student theatre group at Algonquin College.

Educational handout layout

A class assignment to design a single-page handout sheet with provided content.

Article layout and spot illustration

A class assignment to create a 10-minute spot illustration and layout for a single page magazine article.

Illustration: Wasps

A class assignment to create a scratchboard illustration, with colour added in Photoshop, for an article about wasps.

Second place winner in the scratchboard illustration category at MAD Awards 2009.



My introduction to web design and development began with creating small hobby sites back around 1999. My interest in design grew over the following years and lead to studying graphic design at Algonquin College (Ottawa, 2008 – 2011). As I learned about branding, illustration, layout, interactive design and web coding, I felt as though I had finally found my calling.

A growing dedication

After graduating, I went on to work at Pixelera for a five year period where I was fortunate enough to gain experience in web development — in particular, the user-facing aspects. I love HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (including the great classic, jQuery!), best practices, interactive experiences, DOM manipulation, accessible design, and code that solves problems. I love working alongside other developers, integrating my work with theirs and experiencing how our disciplines overlap. For me, keeping one foot in the design world and one foot in the development world is the best way to keep my work interesting!

Driving forward

Most importantly, I also love to keep learning new things (and new ways of doing old things)! As any designer or developer will tell you, the learning never ends in the creative and coding worlds.

Odds and ends

When I'm not working, I like to relax by spending time with my pets, playing video games or creating art while watching Netflix or YouTube.

I like Diet Pepsi, sweets, art and animals; I dislike coffee, big noisy crowds, dancing and mushrooms.

This site

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